3 Thing to Look for in a CRM for Small Businesses

So you are looking for a CRM? That’s great — when used properly, a CRM has the potential to affect your business positively.

But in order to get the most out of your new CRM, you have to choose carefully. With so many software available out there, knowing exactly what constitutes a good CRM is crucial. Because of their lack of experience, small business owners often tend to miss the point of a CRM — that is, to increase their business’ revenue. As such, CRM should be simple and powerful at the same time. Forget cluttered ones with tons of features that you most likely will never use — as a business business owner you should aim to focus on simplicity.

So without further ado, here is what to look for in a CRM:

1. Good lead management features. A business cannot grow without proper lead management. Sales leads are the reasons why successful companies remain in operation. Knowing how to target customers and nurture leads should figure high on your list of priorities. Thankfully, many CRM for small businesses (think ClickHook and Zoho) come with lead management features that allow their users to do just that.

2. Marketing automation. The latest trend in the marketing world is quickly gaining in popularity. Marketing automation has the potential to save businesses both time and money. Not only does it allow them to automate marketing tasks — it even gives them the opportunity to target prospective customers and send them information at the right time. All in all, marketing automation has been shown to increase lead generation dramatically and should always be part of a business’ marketing plan.

3. Simplicity. Lastly, CRM should never be difficult. They should be simple and user-friendly. This way, companies can focus on what matters. ClickHook does that especially well. With this CRM, there is no fuss, no cluttered interface. The fact that it can be controlled by email makes it even better! On the other hand, Salesforce, while not doubting its efficacy, tends to be too much for small business owners. At the end of the day, if your company is still growing, we always recommend choosing a CRM that combines everything you need in a simple little software.