Why the Best CRM Are Integrated With Marketing Automation

By now you probably know that CRM are valuable tools to small business. But are you aware of how much more valuable they become when they are integrated with marketing automation?

Marketing automation is quickly gaining in popularity in the business world — and for a reason. Statistics have shown that marketing automation dramatically increases lead generation. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that CRM integrated with this tool offer more benefits to small business.

If you have not caught up to the trend yet, here’s what you need to know: In simple terms, marketing automation refers to the automation of marketing tasks. By combining market research with proper planning, businesses are able to send out information to the right prospects at the right time — and of course automate all of these tasks. Marketing automation is a big step in the¬†business¬†world because it allows businesses to spend more time working on their customer relationships. It also allows them to see who would benefit most from a free eBook or from a webinar. Instead of wasting their resources on people that just don’t care, they can now target people that can potentially become regular customers.

Sounds good? Wait until you see what marketing automation brings to your business!

Unfortunately, too few CRM in today’s market integrate marketing automation. If your CRM does not currently support this feature, we recommend switching over to one that does (think ClickHook and Zoho). Of course, you might also benefit from using a marketing automation software on the side, although it might end up hindering you down the road.