Best Web-Based CRM Software for Sales Management

While sales management can include a wide array of responsibilities, the goal rarely changes — to attain a company’s sales objectives.

Now a company’s sales objectives are always attained through what is known as a sales process. If you own a business, then there is most likely no need to define this term. But do you know how important it is to maintain and keep track of said sales process?

For many people, this is when a web-based CRM software for sales management comes into play. If you are unfamiliar with the term CRM, here is what you need to know: Customer relationship management is a system that manages a company’s interaction with its current and prospective customers. In other words it can be used to organize, automate and synchronize any process related to sales, marketing and customer services to name but a few of the different actions that a business usually takes on a daily basis.

Sales management is a big part of CRM. Not only does it allow a business to save time and money in both the short and the long run — it even helps them grow and expand dramatically.

In our opinion, the best web-based CRM for sales management is ClickHook. While relatively new in the world of CRM, ClickHook is already proving to us and many other people that it deserves to be recognized as one of the leading CRM on the market.

Editors note: ClickHook has recently updated their website and their lead management tool.  They are now doing a “hands-on” approach whereby they provide BOTH lead generation and lead management services.  If you are interested in just the lead management software then you need to contact them on their website.

Its sales management features are completely unparalleled. Not only does it allow users to create custom sales-flows based on different services and products — it even lets them add actions within those stages. Of course, you can also automate those processes, something that you should definitely be looking into if you aren’t already.

With ClickHook, you can rest assured that your sales are in good hands!