Email Integration: Why ClickHook is the Best CRM for Small Businesses

Are you tired of the same old cluttered CRM? You are not the only one.

While we can’t argue against the importance of a CRM for small businesses, we can certainly argue against the efficacy of complex, cluttered CRM software for small businesses. Here’s why — simplicity is always the key. As a small business owner, you don’t need what you can’t use and you certainly don’t need what you can’t understand. What you need is this: Simplicity and power merged into one tool that is both affordable and user-friendly at the same time.

The good news is that CRM software don’t have to be complicated. To many people, a CRM’s very nature requires it to be complex by default. After all, it encompasses several tools and techniques that are used to make a business more profitable. It would make sense, therefore, to gravitate towards complex CRM with tons of features. The truth, however, is that the more features a CRM has, the harder it is to become familiar with it. As a small business owner, your goal is to familiarize yourself with your CRM first. This way, you can expect to see results at a faster rate.

Certainly, Salesforces is a wonderful software. Who are we to speak negatively about what is undoubtedly the most popular CRM on the market today? But if there is one thing that Salesforces lacks, it’s simplicity. Yes, this CRM is ideal for more established businesses looking to get the most out of a CRM. But what about smaller businesses unfamiliar with the purposes of a CRM? Not so much.

Does that make Salesforces bad? Of course not! It’s just important to know where you stand as a business. This way, you are able to clearly identify your needs — CRM included.

From our experience, nothing makes the process of customer relationship management easier than ClickHook’s email integration feature.

If you are not familiar with ClickHook, don’t beat yourself up over it. ClickHook is a new CRM that just recently made its appearance on the market. While it currently still remains in Beta stage (which by the way you can access by clicking here), ClickHook is already making waves in the CRM industry.

Here’s why: It completely revolutionizes the way people use their CRM. And no, it’s not just because of its wonderful marketing automation. It’s because it offers something that (oddly enough) no other CRM offers: email integration. Because of this, it is possible to control this web-based CRM completely by email. In other words, you could use this CRM for years without needing to ever log in into the main app once. How cool is that?

If you are unsure of how this feature works, we will let this video do the talking instead:

Editors note: ClickHook has recently updated their website and their lead management tool.  They are now doing a “hands-on” approach whereby they provide BOTH lead generation and lead management services.  If you are interested in just the lead management software then you need to contact them on their website.

UPDATE: Also, please note that ClickHook now has full, seamless integration with Google email (gmail or Google apps for business email).  This is a VERY important feature since it allows company’s users to not change any of their behavior and all emails sent to leads will be recorded in ClickHook.  ClickHook will even track if your lead opens the email or if the lead clicks on a link from the email.  It is incredibly easy to use and very powerful. 

Learn More About ClickHook Lead Management Tool with Full Email Integration Here:

ClickHook’s email integration really makes us wonder why this feature took so long to appear in the CRM industry. After all, we live in a busy world. People enjoy tools that can be accessed in a few clicks only. It would make sense, therefore, that they would also enjoy tools that can be controlled this way.

The good thing about this CRM is that it doesn’t end there — far from it. Email integration aside, ClickHook also surprises us with its marketing automation feature. Now you know that sales leads are vital to a company’s success. But do you know how much trouble marketing automation could save you?

If you are unfamiliar with marketing automation, we greatly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it. The benefits that it could bring to your company are absolutely priceless.