What is ‘Marketing Automation’? & 2 of the Best CRM for It


If you own a company, perfecting your marketing process should be high on your list of priorities. Thankfully, there exist numerous software platforms that can help you along the way.

Marketing automation refers to the process of automating your marketing. Often included in customer relationship management (CRM) software, marketing automation’s main goal is to maximize both the revenue and efficiency of a business’ marketing strategy. In other words, this tool is there to create, deploy and finally automate marketing campaigns. Sounds familiar now? We hope so.

Here’s the thing: We live in a busy, busy world. So busy, in fact, that for professionals like you, remaining on top of leads becomes nearly impossible. As your begin to advance towards the goals that you have set for your business, it is imperative that you learn how certain tools such as CRM can help you make your business even more profitable.

With that being said, what exactly does marketing automation do?

What you have to understand is that it varies from software to software. Generally speaking, though, you can expect a CRM or a marketing automation software to provide you with features related to marketing campaigns. From the scheduling to the tracking of campaigns, this type of platform is there to simplify some of the most time consuming marketing and sales roles. Additionally, it provides you with the tools necessary to identify and respond to buyers showing signs of interest with customizable content.

Companies that automate marketing are known to have a much better lead conversion rate than average. And you know what the good news is? Marketing automation is quickly gaining in popularity. So quickly, in fact, that according to HubSpot, “the adoption of marketing automation technology is expected to increase by 50% by 2015“. If you have not done so already, now is the time to jump on board and experience the numerous benefits associated with marketing automation.

So without further ado, here are two of the best CRM for marketing automation available on the market:


If you are looking for a software that is able to perform, then Zoho might be the one for you. This online CRM and marketing automation software allows you to develop, execute and finally track marketing campaigns to save you both time and money. Further to that, it allows you to improve your email marketing with the help of those features:


Sure, Zoho can be slightly confusing at first (small businesses, beware), but overall it’s a great CRM to boost your revenue and your marketing efficiency.

Before purchasing this software, remember that Zoho is all about efficiency. So don’t expect any fancy features! (Not like you need them anyway.)


The new kid on the block could have been around for years and nobody would have seen the difference. Whereas Zoho is about efficiency, ClickHook (clickhook.io) is about both efficiency and flexibility. If there was one thing that you needed to know about this software, it’s that it completely revolutionizes the way people use CRM. Since this post is about marketing automation, we won’t go into too much detail about that. But to get an idea of what we are talking about, you can refer to this video:

Editors note: ClickHook has recently updated their website and their lead management tool.  They are now doing a “hands-on” approach whereby they provide BOTH lead generation and lead management services.  If you are interested in just the lead management software then you need to contact them on their website.

In terms of marketing automation, ClickHook is quite the versatile tool. Not only does it let you custom build sales-flows, it even lets you add actions within each custom stage! Here is an earlier post that talks about this feature in more details.

All in all, ClickHook is truly one of the best CRM out there, and its marketing automation features have to be experienced at least once.