Infusionsoft Alternative CRM Sales Web App

While looking for the best CRM software on the market, it is important that you spend some time researching the different alternatives available to you. As a business owner, this might sound easier than done. We don’t blame you: With so many CRM out there, choosing the “perfect” one is often a matter of time and luck.

The best way to find that “perfect” one is to experiment with different CRM software and web-based apps. If you are not happy with your current CRM, then knowing what features you would like to have is very important. Likewise, knowing what features you don’t currently need is also very important. From Salesforce to Zoho and back and forth, being aware of your CRM’s competitors can often save you a few headaches down the road.

Today, we will be looking into a popular software that is often highly praised by both smaller and more established company: Infusionsoft.

With a focus on marketing automation (and plenty of advanced features to keep you busy while your company grows), Infusionsoft gathers all the features that a business needs in a software that is both simple and powerful at the same time. While we highly recommend Infusionsoft for people looking to get the most out of their CRM, we would like to direct your attention to an alternative, cheaper software that does the trick as well for lead management, if not better than Infusionsoft… ClickHook.

CaptureIt might be relatively new on the market, but ClickHook, an innovative CRM sales web app, is already making waves. If your focus is on marketing automation, then ClickHook might be for you.

Here’s the thing: Infusionsoft is expensive. Yes, it might be worth it (if you know how to use its features to their full potential), but for some people the cost is simply too high. This is especially true if you are a small business owner looking to grow your company. If you like Infusionsoft’s numerous features and are not bothered with its cost, then by all means keep using it. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more affordable, non-fuss CRM, then you might want to take a look at ClickHook and the cool features that it offers.

Editors note: ClickHook has recently updated their website and their lead management tool.  They are now doing a “hands-on” approach whereby they provide BOTH lead generation and lead management services.  If you are interested in just the lead management software then you need to contact them on their website.

Quite simply, this web-based CRM takes marketing automation to another whole new level. Not only does it allow you to custom build and automate sales-flows… it even lets you add actions within each stage! Sounds good? We thought so. And the (other) good news is that it’s waaay cheaper than Infusionsoft. If you are interested, ClickHook Beta is even offered for free for a period of one month!


Aside from this software’s unique take on automation marketing, it also offers another feature that we simply can’t believe was not invented before: email integration.

Yep, you read that correctly. Have you ever wanted to control your CRM from your email? Maybe you haven’t, but doesn’t it sound like the greatest idea?

Earlier we said that ClickHook takes marketing automation to another whole new level… well it also takes flexibility to another whole new level. This software is so flexible, in fact, that it is possible for a person to control it by email without ever needing to login into the main app. As one of ClickHook’s developers said, ClickHook can act like your personal assistant. Interested yet?

For more information, we encourage you to watch this video below:

Update November 25, 2014: ClickHook has since revamped their CRM to be more focused on lead management whereby you can integrate all the forms on your website so that your leads come into each workflow you have setup automatically.  This allows you to know what online marketing campaigns are working the best.  And ClickHook is now fully integrated with gmail (or Google apps for business email).

Keep in mind, however, that ClickHook targets small to medium sized businesses. If you own a more established business with thousands of employees and are content with the features that Infusionsoft offers you, then we only recommend switching to ClickHook if you are experiencing problems with your current CRM.