Top 3 Best CRM Sales Software on the Market

Looking for the best CRM sales software can be tricky. With so many options available, how do you know which one to choose and which ones to avoid? The truth is that there is no such thing as a software that fits every business on earth. As you probably already know, finding the best CRM software depends on many, many factors—most of which differ from company to company.

With that being said, there are software on the market that are often regarded as “superior”. Today, we will take a look at three of these software: Salesforce, Infusionsoft and ClickHook.


Often hailed as the best CRM on the market, Salesforce has well earned its reputation in the last few years. Powerful and efficient, Salesforce combines contact management, sales management and marketing into an app that can be accessed from anywhere. Keep in mind, however, that Salesforce is not the optimal CRM for small businesses. Many people complain about its lack of simplicity. If you are looking for a software that is simple and cheap, then Salesforce probably is not the one for you. But if you are running a more advanced business and are looking for a software that is able to leverage your strengths, then you might benefit from purchasing this software.


Once again, this CRM software does the trick. What we really love about Infusionsoft is its feature allowing customers to automate their marketing:



Infusionsoft focuses on helping people gather their data into one single place. It combines everything that a healthy business needs to grow: Namely, contact management, CRM, marketing automation and even e-commerce. Though we appreciate the value of this software and highly recommend it to more advanced businesses, Infusionsoft makes the same mistake as Salesforce. Sometimes, simplicity is key. Though we don’t doubt that many people enjoy the numerous features that Infusionsoft offer, small businesses would benefit more from a small CRM software such as PipeDrive or ClickHook.

The bottom line? If you are running a prosperous company, Infusionsoft might be good for you. Only be aware of how expensive it is!


This might come as a bit of surprise to some people, but we could not finish this article without including ClickHook in the list. If you have not yet heard of ClickHook (which is probably the case considering how new this software is), we highly recommend that you grab your free ClickHook one month trial. This is a wonderful opportunity that you will be sure to enjoy.

With that being said, the reason why we include ClickHook among some of the best CRM sales software on the market is because of how refreshing it is. Yes, Infusionsoft and Salesforce are both very good software. But they lack something that ClickHook has: flexibility. Targeted towards smaller businesses, this software combines powerful and innovative CRM features that take simplicity to a whole new level.

If you like your CRM to focus on marketing automation, then you will like what ClickHook has to offer. The software allows you to custom build sales-flows, all the while giving you the opportunity to enable marketing automation within each stage. What’s more, ClickHook even allows you to add actions (tasks, emails, sales hooks, etc.) within those stages! How cool is that?

However, the feature that really caught our attention is ClickHook’s email integration. Here’s a short video that talks about email integration in more details:

Our verdict: If you own a small business, then ClickHook most likely is the CRM for you. Once again, it varies from company to company so what works for another company might not work for yours. But there are CRM that just work, and since small businesses don’t need an advanced CRM, finding one that offer the basics is easier for them. And from what we have experienced so far, there is no reason why most small businesses would not benefit from ClickHook.