Best CRM Lead Management Software

In the business world, sales leads should be handled carefully. Good businessmen know that opportunities are everywhere: To truly benefit from a sales lead, it should be nurtured properly. If you own a company, then there is no such thing as a “moment of rest”.

One of the most important tools that you can purchase to help you along the way is a CRM lead management software which allows you to track and manage your leads. While the “how” tends to vary from software to software, generally speaking a lead management software covers the entire process of lead generation. From acquiring leads to following up on them, this software provides you with the necessary tools to centralize your data and remain on top of it.

While many software can do that (think Zoho and Salesforce, for one), none can do it as well as ClickHook. Despite being relatively new on the CRM lead management software market, ClickHook has already earned its reputation as a powerful and innovative tool.

Tracking and managing leads has never been that simple. Automating sales-flows either, in fact. And you know what the (other) cool thing about ClickHook is? It can be controlled directly by email! Here’s how it works: Each user receives his or own personal ClickHook email ID. Whenever a user sends an email to that address using hashtag commands, it informs ClickHook to perform those actions.

Here’s an example of what we mean by hashtag commands:


And here’s a more complete guide on the matter.

Do you now see why ClickHook is one of the best CRM lead management software out there? Sales lead are complex matters, and as such should always be handled with care. No software makes the process simpler than ClickHook.

The small business niche will never be the same!