Marketing Automation CRM Integration – Why ClickHook Is A Great Option

Running a business is not easy especially when you are trying to organize and track all your leads. Any business owner knows that their leads are the life-blood of their business because they result in more sales and ultimately more revenue for the company.

The problem is that most CRM’s do not have very good (if any at all) marketing automation. A lot of businesses could benefit from a certain degree of marketing automation because so many actions when following up with leads are replicated over and over again.

Do you send similar emails to leads over and over again?

Do you send leads common documents like a company overview or brochure or any other document?

Do you have a certain sales-flow that you or your team follows and you’d like it to be organized and tracked?

Here’s the dilemma right now in the marketplace… there’s lots of tools out there like MailChimp to help with email marketing automation but there’s very few sales CRM’s that integrate marketing automation in a simple, easy-to-use platform.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to organize and track your contacts, leads and customers all in one place while being able to deploy a certain degree of marketing automation into your sales process?

That’s exactly what ClickHook has done. ClickHook is a new, innovative sales CRM that allows you to custom build any number of sales-flows while allowing you to enable marketing automation within each stage. You get to decide how much automation you want. And it’s super easy to use!

Take a look at this screenshot that shows an example of a sales-flow I built using ClickHook:

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 5.11.47 PM

Notice how you add contacts to the sales flow and drag them to the appropriate stage?  The cool part is that when you build the sales-flows as you add your custom stages you can add any actions to the stage such as:

– Emails
– Sales hooks (common documents you send to leads)
– Tasks
– Tags

I cannot stress how easy it is to set all of this up!  It really does allow any company the ability to add marketing automation to their sales process while being able to easily track their leads.