Best CRM Software for MLM—Automate Your Marketing

In the world of multi-level marketing, automating your marketing has never been that easy. Enter CRM software—simple and powerful, this tool is there to guide you through the various processes associated with owning a business.

Customer relationship management (also known as CRM) is often regarded as a business’ heart and core. Fortunately for those businesses, remaining on top of customer relationships, marketing and projects all at once has become easier than ever. This is mostly due to the rise of high-quality CRM software such as Clickhook, PipeDrive and Infusionsoft in the recent years.

If you are a distributor for a MLM or network marketing company, then purchasing a CRM that allows you to automate as much of your marketing as you want should figure high on your list of priorities. While many CRM deliver this feature well, none does it as well as Clickhook. Relatively new on the market, Clickhook takes the meaning of “flexibility” to a whole new level. What we love about this CRM is not the fact that it has found a way to integrate emails in a simple and efficient way (though we certainly appreciate this feature.) No—what really caught our attention is the freedom that Clickhook gives its users.

Quite simply, this web-based app lets you regain complete and utter control over your sales-flow. While many CRM on the market allow you to automate your sales-flow (a big shout-out to PipeDrive in particular), Clickhook gives you the chance to automate and customize everything. What’s more, it even lets you add and automate different actions along the way! (Think emails and attachments, among others.)

Certainly, many high-quality CRM software can be found online. If Clickhook does not fit your business, then finding one is a matter of time (and other things). We still recommend that you experience with Clickhook first and lets the subsequent experience decide for you.

If you are interested, Clickhook beta is available for free. For more information, visit: