Salesforce vs. Infusionsoft vs. ClickHook—Which One is the Best CRM Software?

In one of our earlier posts, we compared three CRM softwares available on the market—namely Salesforce, PipeDrive and Clickhook. As you probably already know by now, purchasing a CRM software that fits both your company and the needs of your employees is of the utmost importance. We created this blog in the hopes of making the process of finding a CRM easier for you. Mistakes can be costly in today’s world, and one of the best ways to avoid making mistakes is by owning a CRM software that is able to keep your customer data, marketing and sales lead on track.

Many people in the business world love Salesforce—and for a reason. Often believed to be the most popular CRM on the market, Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool that is able to do almost anything that you want it to do (within reason, of course). Many people enjoy the freedom that this software gives them while others prefer the simplicity that is often associated with other software such as PipeDrive and Clickhook. Do we recommend Salesforce? Absolutely. Who do we recommend for? Now that’s the tricky question. If you want a no-fuss software, Salesforce might not be for you. On the other hand, if you want a software that is both complex and powerful, then you might enjoy its numerous features.

Infusionsoft is another popular CRM software for small businesses. While the latter tends to be less popular than its rivals, Salesforce and PipeDrive, it is still able to offer many innovative and interesting features to its users. One such feature is its e-commerce tool. Here’s a quick run-down of it:

CaptureLike Salesforce, Infusionsoft is often described as “powerful”. For beginners, however, Infusionsoft can seem overwhelming at first. We don’t blame them: Sometimes, too many features can prove to be more cumbersome than helpful in both the long and short run. Keep in mind that this opinion tends to differ from person to person and that we still enjoy many of Infusionsoft’s features. Another good point about this CRM is that it integrates email marketing wonderfully well. For someone looking to grow their business with email marketing (and e-commerce), this program certainly does the trick. (Assuming that the price of the software does not turn them away from it, though!)

With that being said, we recently came across a newer software that is bound to make waves in the CRM industry—Clickhook. As we mentioned before, Clikhook’s main focus lies in its simplicity and flexibility. As the saying goes, “less is more”, and it’s certainly the case with Clickhook. Ideal for small businesses, this CRM gathers the powerful features associated with bigger software into an app that is easy to use and (even better)—potentially controlled completely and utterly by email.

This, we believe, is Clickhook’s main strength. Never before has a CRM app offered such an unique feature. If you are wondering how it is impossible for someone to control their CRM by email (and without ever having to login into the main app), here’s a quick video that explains it all:

See why we are such strong advocates of Clickhook? Certainly, Salesforce and Infusionsoft are powerful software. But they lack the uniqueness that Clickhook offers. Why go for the more expensive software when you can have the same features compressed into a beautiful little app like Clickhook? (The fact that it integrates email is just a plus, of course!)

If you are interested, we encourage to try Clickhook beta. It’s free for a month and you’ll have the chance to try this new and exciting software that is bound to completely revolutionize the way people see and work with CRM.